The Carnival Inspiration

I am an avid cruiser and take a cruise several times a year. This year we went on the Carnival Inspiration twice, the second time over Christmas. The Carnival Inspiration is one of the older boats of their fleet, launched in 1996. It did get a makeover in 2007, especially the pool and deck areas!

I will tell you now that I walk with a cane and when going onshore I go in a wheelchair, pushed by my husband. Also getting on and off the boat when embarking and then debarking. The first time on this boat we immediately went up to the deck where they feed everyone before you are allowed in you cabin. Immediately when I was getting my food on a tray, Yusef, one of the Maitre 'D's grabbed my tray and assisted me. He also helped change our dining table as my husband and I wanted to dine alone and not at a large table full of strangers! I feel that Yusef went above and beyond the entire cruise to make sure our dining experience was exceptional!

We got a cabin with a balcony which is nice but an unnecessary cost to add to the cruise as most of our time was spent out of the cabin! Our room was immaculate and we checked due to a prior bad experience on another Carnival Ship! The normal beds and bathroom were in the cabin and the expected nightly menagerie of towel animals greeted us every night. I may be an adult but I still think these are cute and look forward to them!

The different points of interest on the boat started with the Atrium where you can watch the beautiful glass elevators work! The beautiful brass rails and flooring as well as glass work are immaculate 24/7 and I can tell the workers took pride in their jobs. We have been on lots of cruises before this one and have seen miserable workers on several boats. I can not say on the Inspiration that they were unhappy. They all seemed to genuinely smile and had fun and giggled while working and shared stories with us and we felt like they were friends!

The pool area is not my cup on tea but on this boat they have the big water slide, a full gym and spa, and even a putt putt golf course! This is great for those with kids.

The theater was not as big and we enjoyed it that way. It seems that if you want a drink during a show someone is right there for you to order! The shows were grand and of high quality as expected and along the shows the dancers help with other things such as bingo and getting you off the ship to your excursions if you signed up for one! They are great but I would like to know where they get all their energy!

We enjoyed our cruise on the inspiration so much weaved our young adult kids the choice of Christmas presents or a cruise to Mexico. The cruise won and we went and spent Christmas in Cozumel and had a fantastic time. Our only rule was for to meet us for dinners!

Speaking of dinner, I have to tell you the food on this boat was wonderful. Do not ever mention when the waiter is around that you want to try something as it will show up on the table even if you did not order it! From filets to lobster tails to salmon to BBQ ribs, something for everyone. Then there are the desserts. They all melt in your mouth! Their chocolate melting cake will make you mouth explode with glee from the richness.

Most of the ship is non-smoking but there are a few smoking areas and I would try to avoid these areas.

There was smoking and non-smoking in the casino but at the slots I liked there was smoking so that was my only complaint!

The hardest part of a cruise is saying goodbye to your new friends you have made on the boat, from other passengers to the friendly staff. And there are tips automatically added on you account and believe me, on this ship they earn every bit of their tips! So if you are ever in the Tampa area and want a few days getaway, why not try the Carnival Inspiration!

Source by Joan Penfold

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