How to Pack For Danube River Cruises

If you are thinking about going on one of the Danube river cruises for vacation it is important to know how to pack. Things you need to consider include the weather, ship requirements, and room for souvenirs. Danube river cruises offer many things to do and see but if you pack wrong you might find yourself needing to spend vacation money on needs.

Danube river cruising takes place during the warmer months of the year. You should pack light clothes for warm weather. Packing light means light pants and light shirts. You do not want to be overdressed for this vacation. The days will be warm. The evenings may cool down a little so it is important to bring a light sweater in case you get cold. Another thing to consider when you are packing your clothes is comfortable shoes. Many people bring flip flops because they are going on Danube river cruises thinking they will be sitting on the deck viewing the scenery the whole time. This is not the case. You should bring a pair of good walking shoes because you will depart the ship and want to walk around the port cities. Without comfortable shoes you could be miserable.

Even the 3 day cruises have formal or dress dinners you should be prepared for. When you pack for a cruise on the river it is fine to pack mostly for comfort and casual wear. However, in the evenings on the ship you may attend a captain's or manager's dinner. This dining experience does not require you to dress nice but you should. Some cruises have a formal dinner which requires the passengers to wear a tuxedo or formal gown. Make sure you are aware of any dress requirements for special occasions on the ship. If you plan on attending an event like an opera in a foreign country, you will need to bring the right attire.

It is also a good idea to consider the different places you are going to travel to along the cruise and all of the people you might be bringing souvenirs back to. If you are bringing souvenirs home for people you need to be sure to have plenty of room in your suitcase. Do not over pack your suitcase and do not have room for souvenirs. Danube river cruises have shops on the ship and there will be plenty of opportunities to shop at each of the ports. If you do not have room in your suitcase then you will have a miserable trip home carrying all of the bags with you through the airports and on the planes. In addition, some airlines may choose to charge you fees for additional carry-on luggage or if you need to check in another bag. You might want to do a comparison and see which suitcase is the best for your trip. You do not need to pack a lot of clothing when you take a 3 day cruise.

When you are packing for Danube river cruises it is important to pack light clothing for warm weather that is comfortable. Do not forget to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes for excursions and possibly a dressy outfit. Always check any dress code requirements and leave enough room in the suitcase for shopping.

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