4 Days Yangtze River Cruise on Century Star

I just came back from China last week and I experienced my fires Yangtze River cruise. I was on the ship named “Century Star”. The ship departed from Chongqing and arrived at destination Yichang after 4 days later.

Day 1, get on the ship. Took boat on 7 pm; made sure everything needed to take with. Found the room and put the luggage away, took a rest and started to go around. There are 6 decks on the ship. Deck 2 has a large dinning room. Deck 3 and deck 4 are where customers live. There are 5 types of rooms: Standard Cabin, Standard Cabin with Balcony, Shangri-La Suites, Top Class Guest Room and Deluxe Suite. Bar is on deck 5 and deck 6 is the sundeck. The ship is self-contained, it has entertainment hall, odium, reading room, bar, meeting room, medical room etc. The ship departed on 10 pm, I don’t know what take it so long. Not too much people on the ship.

Day 2, to visit Snowy Jade Cave. On half past 6 at morning, free coffee, tea and pastries were offered in Bar. When I go to the sundeck, I saw some people are practicing Tai Chi, and it is pretty funny to play Tai Chi with them. Then I had buffet breakfast in dinning room. On 8:30, a short embarkation briefing held in the bar. We were told that the schedule of the ship and what we can do and can’t do on the ship. On about 9 o’clock, our ship arrived Fengdu. We disembark and visit the Snowy Jade Cave. The scenery in the cave is amazing, I don’t know how to descript it, just look at the pictures.

After visiting, we came back to the ship and had lunch. The foods are good, and there are both Chinese food and western style food. Lunch time is from 12:30 to 14:00. In the afternoon, there were activities we can take part in. The activities were interesting, there were introduction of Three gorges or Three gorges dam, how to cook Sichuan cuisine, how to make dumplings, how to play mahjong etc. Before dinning time, the captain held a welcome party for us. In the evening, there was a crew cabaret in bar. I don’t like it, because it was a little boring. I was told that there is food offered in dinning room on 22:30. Unless you are hungry, I will suggestion you don’t eat the second dinner, it is not free.

Day 3, to visit White King Town and Shennong Stream. The White King Town is an option and need payment for visiting it. About 8 o’clock, I paid 70 Yuan for the ticket to entry White King Town and had a visit. The ancient town is historical and cultural, and relevant to a story of three kingdoms. See pictures

About 2 pm, we arrived at Badong County. We had a shore excursion and got on a small boat to visit the Shennong stream.

We finished the visiting at half past 5 in the afternoon. Before dinning, there was a disembarkation briefing. And then, Captain held a farewell banquet. After diner, we settled the bills on reception deck 2. About 10pm, the ship through the ship-locks of Three Gorges dam.

Day 4, to visit the Three Gorges dam. We check out at noon and got off in Yichang.

Source by Alex Huang

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