Disney Mediterranean Cruise – An Absolute Must for Your Family!

Are you considering a Disney Mediterranean Cruise? If so, I can assure you that now is the time to stop "considering" and start planning! You will not be disappointed.

Of course, the reasons begin with the standard Disney Cruise amenities. From world-class cuisine, themed dining rooms and on-board entertainment for the whole family to luxurious salons and spas and daycare facilities your kids will never want to leave, Disney Cruise lines has thought of everything to make your cruise vacation the experience of a lifetime.

The Mediterranean version puts a whole new twist on the family cruise, though. In addition to all the wonderful facilities and services mentioned above, a Disney Mediterranean Cruise will offer your family the opportunity for incredible shore excursions that will turn your cruise into an intensive course on geography, world history, and foreign culture all at the same time!

Whatever their ages, your kids will love all that the Disney Magic ship has to offer. You'll enjoy the chance to travel as a family while also having "adults-only" time when you need it, and I'm betting you'll also relish the opportunity to help your kids learn about new cultures along the way.

With stops in Barcelona, ​​Malta, Tunis, Naples, Rome, Florence and Pisa, among others, you'll get to experience myriad museums, works of art, and some of the most famous landmarks in the world. Even better, Disney will offer guided tours at many of these destinations, sometimes going so far as to provide privileged access not available to many travelers (how about a private, after-hours viewing of the Sistine Chapel?!?!)

There is one serious downside to Disney's Mediterranean Cruise, however: There's no way you'll be able to do everything on your wish on this one trip! With so many possibilities for entertainment and relaxation on and off the ship, your vacation is sure to leave you wanting more!

Source by Patrik Bushman

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