Carnival Shore Excursions – Blue Lagoon Island

This is one of the Carnival shore adventures that we decided to book on our own to save some money. The price difference to book on your own instead of via Carnival is eleven dollars per person. Blue Lagoon is also known as Salt Cay. It is just three miles from Nassau. The island seems to have remained virtually untouched all the tourists. Pretty good snorkeling and some native birds can be viewed at times.

Here is a little history of the island. The lagoon used to be a salt marsh in the eighteen hundreds. This is how it became know as Salt Cay. Pirates used the island to get salt from the lagoon to preserve their food. The pirates also used the island as a rest stop as they waited for permission to enter Nassau harbor. During World War two, the island was used for a short time by the Allies as a secret training base for three teams of British and American underwater demolition squads who daily would swim many miles around the lagoon.

We had a group of 17 people on this shore excursion so the Blue Lagoon Island seemed like a good pick because of all the activities and included lunch. It includes a lunch choice of a Angus Beef Burger, p pound all Beef Hot Dog, Chicken Burger (real chicken breast), or Veggie Burger, chips, fresh fruit and a fruit punch drink. This food was very good and the area was very clean. We had the chicken burgers and they were outstanding. There is also a cash bar for beer and mixed drinks.

The private beach is only about 2 feet deep and very rocky, but a good place to just relax and enjoy the sun. The other side of the Island is where the lagoon is with great water and many fun water toys. The lagoon side has floating noodles, floating mats, inner tubes and very fun land & water inflatable parks. They also have a dolphin and sea lion encounter for this Carnival Shore tour if you wish to book at an additional fee.

There is also a gift shop, changing rooms, restrooms and shower facilities on the island. All of the areas are very clean. The lagoon has many lifuards that on duty at the time of your visit. They really do a great job of monitoring the guests at all times. Hope you will enjoy one of favorite Carnival shore Excursions as much as we did.

Source by Mike Chastain

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