Caribbean Cruises – An Overview

Thousand choose to set off on a cruise holiday every year and with the sheer range of destinations cruise lines have on offer it's no wonder why. A good cruise holiday is often the travel highlight of the year, with those setting off on one leaving jealous family members back at home.

For many, when asked what they consider the pinnacle of cruise holiday experiences the first answer to pop into their heads will be a Caribbean cruise and when you look to see what's on offer it's easy to see why this is. This article looks to set out an overview of Caribbean cruises in general, to give you an idea about what's on offer.

Many of the Caribbean cruises on offer set out from a US port, like New Orleans, Miami and New York and head on down to stop at a number of Caribbean islands before looping back up again. This gives you the very best flexibility when it comes to deciding how you want to take the cruise and where you want to end up; starting and ending in the US also gives those not native to the US a great opportunity to enjoy a couple of days in New York or Miami.

From the US ports the cruise tend to split off to one of three sets of islands, located in the East, South and West of the overall island chain. While each area has its fair share of sun and sandy tropical beaches, they also have their own unique atmosphere.

The western destination generally offers up stops at destinations such as Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel. Cozumel is the most popular of these, with its reputation as a diving haven; the reefs in the area make for a great excursion for anyone who fancies a go at snorkeling or scuba diving.

The eastern destinations offer up the likes of St Thomas, San Juan and Nassau. Of the three St Thomas is the must see, with its picture postcard perfect views, impressive capital port – Charlotte Amalie – and some of the worlds most famous beaches. Many consider it the perfect example of a Caribbean island.

Finally, the southern destinations offer up a range of great stops such as St Johnsin Antigua, Bridgetown and Tortola. The Virgin Islands stop, Tortola, tends to be the most popular; with its dramatic volcanic landscapes, lush jungle environments and most importantly, untouched beaches.

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