Chankanaab Cozumel National Park

Chankanaab Cozumel National Park

Chankanaab is Cozumel’s number one tourist attraction site. Located inside the Cozumel National Marine Park, the park gets its name from the ancient Mayan language meaning ‘little sea’. It is the only Eco-Archaeological Park in Cozumel. It is located about 9 minutes from downtown and the cruise ship piers on a taxi ride. The park hosts quite number of fun activities for all members of the family if especially one intends to spend time in the outdoors and under the sun.

The Park has an entrance fee of 21 USD for adults, 14 USD for kids and children below 4 years enter the park for free. It might sound costly but it is really worth it as compared to all fun one will experience and the memories that will be made. There is an exception on the entrance though for all activities or adventures done with dolphins, the sea lions and the manatee. This means you will only pay for the activities and not for the entrance fee.

The park is always open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm local time. Once at the park, there are a host of fun activities one can involve himself or herself in.  The park hosts a blue lagoon that has one of the clearest water in the island. The blue lagoon is surrounded with nice sandy beaches for one to relax from fitted with hammocks and sheds for the guests. One can get to swim on the waters and even snorkel and scuba dive! Boat rides are also conducted inside the park. If you had no plans to go into the waters don’t worry, there is so much more you can do in Chankanaab Park. The park also hosts a museum and a cultural centre the Mayan ruins. Take a walk down the Mayan ruins and get to learn more about their culture and stories. There are also sea lions shows to watch, dolphin watching and swimming with dolphins, take a tour in the parks botanical garden and learn of new flora n fauna species you have never seen.  There are also kids playing ground in the park with so much kids’ activities that will leave them enjoyed. Food and drinks are also available in the park’s restaurant. Get to enjoy the island traditional cuisines and drinks.  There are buffets and open bars are always open. After paying the entrance fee, one gets an all access pass to all areas of the park except an additional fee will be paid to access the Mayan ruins and the Museum.

This and so much activities are in store for you in Chankanaab. Whether you are visiting the island for just a day, or with a day pass from your cruise ship or you are visiting the island for a long vacation, you shouldn’t miss to add a visit to Chankanaab Park on your itinerary. Remember to carry a swimming gear, snorkelling gear, sun glasses, camera to capture memories, and extra cash. For outdoor activities, carry a biodegradable sunscreen.

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