Main Piers in Cozumel

In Cozumel Island there are five main piers. Three of them are for cruise ships docking and two of them are for ferries. All of the cruise ships piers are located west side of the island. So if your ship is docking in Cozumel, it might be in any of these three piers; Punta Langosta, International Pier and Puerta Maya pier.

International Pier is located about 3 miles south of downtown of San Miguel town. It is just a walking distance from the town or one can just take a 5 minute taxi ride to town. It has one big terminal for cruise ship docking and a small terminal for ships anchoring and tendering. It is mostly used by cruise ships belonging to Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ships but also other cruise ships are allowed to dock here. There pier offers car rental services, taxis, ATMs and information desks for its customers. One cal also do duty-free shopping at the pier. There are also famous restaurants in the pier like the Starbucks and many local one where one can choose to get meals and relax.

There is also the Puerta Maya pier. This located just next to the International pier and they have their entrances pretty close to one another. It is the oldest cruise ship pier in Cozumel and it is largely used by Norwegian Cruise ships. It is the largest pier in the island with two big cruise ship terminals. This pier is also always used by the Carnival Corporation cruise ships, the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise. The pier houses over 50 different recognizable retail shops selling different products such as the Milano Jewelers, Diamonds International and Starbucks. Just like the International pier, The Puerto Maya also has good quality amenities well-equipped to serve its users

The last cruise ship pier is the Punta Langosta Pier. It is located right at the centre of the San Miguel town. It is the smallest of all the piers with only one cruise ship terminal. All other ships that don’t dock at Puerta Maya or the International Pier dock here. It also has all the amenities as the other cruise ship piers. Lastly, it isn’t easy to determine if your cruise ship will dock at a certain pier as they keep on changing. Regardless of the pier you will dock at, you can easily access the town and car rental services to wherever you are going.

Other than the cruise ships piers, the other main piers in Cozumel are the ferries terminal. They are two ferry terminals; one for ferries that transport people from the island to Playa Del Carmen terminal at the mainland and the car ferries terminal. The Passenger Ferry terminal is located right at the heart of San Miguel while the Car Ferry terminal is located a mile south of the town between the International and the Punta Langosta Pier. The car ferry terminal connects with the Port Calica in the mainland. Rental car services and taxi services are easily available at the Passenger Ferry terminal. Three ferry companies operates to and from the terminal transporting passengers daily.

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