Transportation between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a coastal city in Mexico located along the Yucatan Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of the Caribbean shoreline. It is a popular tourist attraction town mainly known for its Palm-lined beaches and coral reefs. To access Cozumel Island from Playa Del Carmen, one has to cross a mass of water which is close to 12 miles apart.

One can go to Cozumel Island from Playa Del Carmen by the use of a ferry. This is the main source of transport between the two towns. The ride by the ferry will last close to 45minutes. Thousands of locals and tourists use the ferry every day to move between the two cities. It is very easy to access the ferries which run nearly every hour. It is a popular means of transport especially with the cruise ship passengers who want to visit the island for a day during their stopover. Mostly three ferry companies transport people to Cozumel Island and they alternate among themselves during offseason but all of them work during peak seasons. The Mexico Water Jets operates from 9 AM to 9 PM local time, and it will cost one USD 10.50 adults while USD6.25 kids. The Ultramar ferry operates from 6.45AM to 11 PM, and it costs USD 10.50 adults and USD 6.25 kids. Lastly, there is the Barcos Caribe which operates from 6.45 AM to 10 PM and costs USD 7.57 adults and USD 3.93 for kids. It’s important to note that the ferry schedules keep on changing from time to time so make sure to have an updated schedule during your visit.

The ferry terminal in Playa Del Carmen is located downtown half a mile from the Main Square and Plaza Playacar. All the three companies have shops here where you can purchase your tickets for the ferries. From Cancun Airport, you can pick a taxi or used an already pre-reserved airport transfer to the terminal which takes about 45 minutes. If you are a guest in the mainland, you have three options to access the terminal; you can either use a rental car to drive yourself to the terminal or a taxi ride or wait for the designated buses which transport people from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen. It takes close to 15 min from Puerto Aventuras, 25 minutes from Akumal and 1 hour from Can cum to the ferry terminal. There are lots of parking spaces for your vehicle at the ferry terminal so relax. Lastly, if you are a guest who accessed the mainland through the Calica cruise pier, take a 10-minute taxi ride from the pier to the terminal at an estimated cost of USD 8.

While at Cozumel Island, the ferry terminal is located at the extension of Avenue Lic. Benito Juares across from the Palmeras restaurant. If you are staying a hotel in San Miguel, the terminal is not far from your place, just take a 10 minutes’ walk to the terminal. Those staying in hotels outside town, just pick a taxi outside your hotel and it will drop you at the terminal the taxi cost will vary from where in town you are. From the International pier and the Puerto Maya pier, cruise ship passengers can take a 7 min taxi ride to the ferry terminal at USD 6. If you docked at Punta Langosta Pier, you will just take a 5 min walk down the road to the terminal which is 6 blocks from the pier. The Cozumel Terminal has an ample parking space for most vehicles.

The ferries are well maintained, and they all have air conditioning. They are very comfortable with seats outside and inside as well. You can order drinks and food while in the ferries as they have bars and small fast food counters. The ferries are handicap accessible. They always have a crew in charge to help those who are handicapped to access the ferry. The ferries are also equipped with well-maintained bathrooms for the passengers. Most of the ferry rides are very smooth, and anyone can handle it and not get seasick. But if in case you can’t handle it. The ferry provides bags for people who won’t feel well. Lastly, it is important to note when purchasing the ferry tickets, one is advised to purchase only one way tickets and not round tickets as when travelling back, you can find the ferry you had purchased a ticket for is not at the terminal and thus you have to wait for close to an hour for it. It is also the same price no discounts are given for round tickets.



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