A Day in Cozumel

A Day in Cozumel


What to do during a day Cozumel?

It’s vacation time, and you are on your cruise ship which then makes a stop at Port Cozumel, and you look out and you see this new, looks-boring island, the Cozumel and you don’t know what to do during your stop. Don’t worry we got you covered, just pack your bags, sunglasses, sunny caps and ladies don’t forget to pack those cute bikini’s you have been wondering when you will get to use and remember an exciting mood!

At Cozumel Island, there are three main piers where your cruise ship will dock from. Most cruise ships dock at the international pier, Punta Langosta which is just near the town and quite accessible to most tourist attractions in the island. From the pier, you can just take a taxi and visit some of the many sites in store for you on the island. There is also the oldest cruise ship pier, the Puerta Maya. It’s mostly used by the Norwegian cruise ships. Accessing the sites from here, one is advised to flag passing cabs rather than to pick ones at the taxi stand to save on costs. Some cruise ships won’t dock and stop at the Fuendo pier. To access the sites from here, you will use small crafts to shore.

Once you are at the island, these are some of the exciting places to look out for; Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, this is for those us who love wildlife. You will get to see a variety of indigenous plants, exotic birds, crocodiles, sea turtles and you will get to visit maritime museums and ruins. You should also look for the Chankanaab National Park for diving, snorkelling tours, zip lining, dolphin watching and just basic swimming and relaxing on the beach. You can’t say you visited the Cozumel without going to the Mr. Sanchos Beach Club and get to enjoy Cozumel’s delicious foods and drinks. At the club, you will also get to experience activities such as the kayaks, water sports, romantic cabanas and relaxing sleep on hammocks. And lastly, make sure to visit the Playa Mia Water Park and just get to enjoy nature walks on the beach, playing in the sand, swimming, water slides, floating in the water.

With these and many more activities and sites to visit be happy and ready to enjoy your cruise stop at Cozumel.


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